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Alone doesn't mean lonely. At Welive for Hotpot, we delicately design a  course to incorporate the freshest ingredients of that day.


New Menu

Skin maintenance Soy soup set. Soy beans and lily’s flower both have benefits for the skin. There are a lot protein in the soy beans and lily has the effect of refining skin. There is also a lots different variety of organic vegetables in this set with hand made noodles, finishing with very light and low sugar dessert which is made from osmanthus, ginger  and pear . 


Bites the Sake 

Sake & Bites at Welive offers an enchanting experience for the senses. Our sake selection is a blend of house-made flavors, like the zestful yuzu sake, and unique varieties such as the light and crisp Nichi Nichi. 


As for the culinary delights, we go beyond traditional Japanese dishes like sashimi and takoyaki. Our focus is on small-portioned dishes, each bursting with bold and intriguing flavors, designed to complement the sake and create a harmonious dining experience. At Welive, we're dedicated to offering a diverse palate of tastes and sensations, ensuring that each visit is a journey of delightful discoveries.


Welive for Hotpot!

Hot Pot at Welive is a culinary journey, anchored in the traditional Japanese sukiyaki, a delightful pot cuisine that combines pan-frying and boiling ingredients in a flavorful broth. Building on this foundation, we've expanded our repertoire to include lighter, derivative soup bases, like the refreshing tomato soup pot. These light broths are designed to enhance the natural flavors of our premium Wagyu beef, complemented by a selection of seasonal vegetables, creating a harmonious blend of tastes and textures.

To elevate the hot pot experience, we've transformed it into a set menu. Each meal is a curated journey, beginning with an appetizer, leading into the richly satisfying hot pot, and concluding with a delectable dessert. Our diverse set menus cater to a variety of preferences, including the 'Meat Lovers Set' and 'Veg Sukiyaki Set,' ensuring every guest finds something to savor. At Welive, each hot pot meal is not just a dining option; it's an all-encompassing sensory experience, crafted to create lasting memories.


Lunch in Welive

Lunch Sets at Welive are thoughtfully crafted to cater to the bustling pace of lunch hours, ensuring a quick yet fulfilling meal. Understanding that our guests often have limited time, we've designed traditional Japanese lunch sets that are both satisfying and time-efficient. Each set includes a main dish, house-made pickles, a soothing miso soup, and a dessert. Popular options like our Tonkatsu Set and Wagyu Don Set are perfect for recharging, offering a delicious boost to help guests face the rest of their day with renewed energy.


For those in an even greater hurry, we offer unique creations like the Unagi (eel) Croissant - a fusion dish that combines convenience with culinary innovation. This option is ideal for guests who need a quick, yet delicious and energizing meal. At Welive, our lunch sets are more than just meals; they're a blend of tradition, taste, and time-consciousness, all served up to provide a delightful midday escape.

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